Online access: electronic books & journals

Here you can search for high-quality content from a variety of well-established international publications. Access is granted free of charge and users can read, copy or print material for private use, given that the terms of fair use and restrictive copyrights are fully respected.

Two gateways

There are two separate ways to access the content, depending on your priorities and area of interest

  1. If you want the most current and in-depth searching, head for one of the specifically subscribed topical ejournals. We provide access to a list of 29 specific ejournal titles, covering a good range of police, law enforcement and specific crime areas with a European emphasis. You will be re-directed the publisher’s homepage of the respective journals.
  2. The broadest choice of material is accessible through the EBSCO Discovery Service portal, including online-book titles and more than 500 law enforcement-related journals (abstracts and articles).

Either way, a new window will open in your browser and you will be transferred to the external servers, where the material is stored. Doesn’t work? Check the section on trouble-shooting.

How you get there:

When clicking the “CEPOL’s specific e-Journals collection” link above, you will be forwarded to a link-list, where you have to select the journal by clicking (again) the “Full-text access” link. Then you will be transferred to the official website of the journal, where you can search or browse all subscribed issues for specific articles.
Note:You can pre-search the journal content for keywords in the search-bar, but it is a simple search only. More advanced search options are available on most of the publisher’s journal home pages.
(You will be taken directly to the journal’s homepage)

Journal Title List

What you will get:

The latest online-published articles of each journal in full-text.

How to search:

On the journal’s homepage, you will use the browse and (advanced) search options provided by their website for this specific journal title. Articles will open and are for download as pdf-file.

What you will get:

Access to more than 150.000 of ebook titles of general academic interest and a growing list of specific monographies, edited volumes and text-books relevant for policing, law enforcement and criminal justice. This collection is progressively extended by adding specific ebooks most relevant for CEPOL’s priority areas. Many of the specific journal subscription journals can be found and searched here is well – but not always with access to the latest titles or the subscribed back-catalogue. This is also the gateway for searching in titles and abstracts of over 500 additional criminal justice related international periodicals – click here of a full list.

How to search:

Start by typing a simple search term in the search EBSCO Discovery Search bar – you can specify to look for a matching keyword, title or author – and press the ENTER-key or click on the "Search" button. You will be directed to a new window, the EBSCO Discovery service for CEPOL, where a list of matches for your initial search will be displayed. Once there, you can change, specify or fine-tune your search and sort the results by modifying the settings in the left hand menu list. You can even open a personal account for this portal. Specific attention shall be put to the left hand menu – ticking or unticking the boxes will change the result list instantly! Further guidance how to optimise your search can be found on the EBSCO support site.


The connections have been tried and tested and found in working order – nevertheless there can be obstacles thrown in the way of those thirsty for knowledge! In the ideal case, you shall be forwarded either directly to the publishers’ website or to the EBSCO prompt for your data storage agreement.

If you cannot activate the link or there is no window opening there are three frequent causes and potential remedies:

  • The delicate chain of authentication is (temporarily) broken. If you prompted for a login, choose OpenAthens and Organisational Login. Type in “cepol” in the search bar “Find your organisation” and click on the appearing “CEPOL”-link.

How to enter

Once the authentication succeeds, it should be working for as long as your e-Net session continues.

  • Your browser or computer configuration does not play ball. Firefox, Safari and Chrome are proven to work ok. Javascript and pop-up window have to be enabled. In case of the Internet Explorer it depends on your browser's security settings. In some cases you have to manually allow connections and accept certificate issues.
  • In case of experiencing persistent trouble, please send an email to with either “ejournals” or “ebooks” in the subject line.

In case of experiencing persistent trouble, please send an email to with either “ejournals” or “ebooks” in the subject line.